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How WiSER Interiors works

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Too hot? Need to reduce spending on energy bills? Waking at the sun rise? Want your blinds and curtains to disappear in your grand design?

We get called when the conservatory is too hot. When you can’t bear to sit under a roof lantern at the kitchen table. When you can’t watch the TV from the glare through the patio doors. When you can’t sleep past when the sun comes up. When the dirty, old rags that were once curtains must be replaced. When you have just moved in. When you are redecorating.
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Or we are called by architects, builders, interior designers, AV specialists and Grand Designers who have the foresight to think about blinds and curtains for their new build or refurbishment project.
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We have an exciting and broad range of coverings for windows, doors, roofs and all other types of glazing. This includes outdoors as well as in the home. No glazed area is the same, so all of our solutions are bespoke crafted just for you.

We love a challenge – unusual shapes, difficult installation sites and exacting requirements. We can handle them all. 

As we are independent installers, we source and select the best solution for your needs. 

The standard process
We have an easy, standard three-step process:
1. Free design consultation to specify and quote – virtual or at home
2. Technical survey by one of our engineers
3. Installation of the made-to-measure items by our own professional team

Our Engineers
Our experienced team is fully trained and compliant in all aspects of installation, health & safety, working at heights and other safe working practices. They are directly employed by us.

Lead times 
Everything we do is made-to-measure, not off-the-shelf, and each workshop will have its own production schedule. We try to focus on British manufacturers, and when the best products are from abroad then reliability and efficient delivery is one of our top criteria when choosing who to work with.

We can help you best with a quick chat. Call us or complete our contact form and we will call you back.

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