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When planning a home building or renovation project, remember to consider window furnishings. The final look including blinds and curtains can determine the success or otherwise of home decoration. Avoid regrets and compromises – do your research now.

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Planning ahead delivers exceptional results. Put the power supplies in the right place – don’t end up with wall acne. Integrate technology to be future-proof. Conceal blinds and curtain tracks for contemporary, clean lines. Work with experts to get informed and make astute decisions.

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Your grand design will enhance your life. Your comfort is assured. Your safety is enhanced. Your home adjusts automatically to be right just for you - all on autopilot. The blinds and curtains ready for how you live your life.

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WiSER Pinoleum Roof Blinds

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WiSER Stylish French Pinoleum Blinds for lasting good looks.

If you’re on the lookout for a great conservatory blind solution that lets you shade out glare, control overheating and heat loss at the same time as letting natural light wash your space, these French pinoleum blinds are the perfect option.

Made-to-measure roll up and roman style pinoleum blinds and window shades for even the most challenging spaces.

If you’re on the lookout for a great conservatory blind solution that lets you shade out glare, control overheating and heat loss at the same time as letting natural light wash your space, these pinoleum blinds are the perfect option. These woven wood, French pinoleum window blinds are perfect for conservatory roofs and windows. Pinoleum blinds have 100 years of know-how behind them, combined with modern technology, making them a truly durable, yet attractive way to create a superb atmosphere in your conservatory.

They also allow you to shut out any obtrusive glare that spoils your television viewing or working on your home computer. What’s more, you can enjoy a level of privacy without the loss of light to a level that’s pretty much impossible with any other option.

Made from woven wood with an acrylic braid, these pinoleum conservatory blinds are made-to-measure and come with the option to add a layer of heat insulation. Taking up this option means you can significantly reduce heat loss in the wintertime and keep your conservatory at an ambient temperature during the summer.

When you choose your made-to-measure roll up or roman style pinoleum blinds, you can be sure you’ll get the perfect combination of great quality and exceptional service, all at a price that we just know you’ll love too.

WiSER Pinoleum Blinds

In conservatories, orangeries or glass extensions shading is a necessity. Automatically controlled shading devices are most effective in reducing the amount of energy consumed in both summer and winter.

The choice of shading solution is extensive – pleated, roller, roman, pinoleum, venetian and vertical blinds are all suitable for motorization, both for side windows and glass roofs.

Automated control increases the lifetime of the blinds without incorrect handling and removes the need for unsightly manual openers.

With large numbers of blinds, automation can significantly speed up the opening and retraction process. The devices enable you to control one-at-a-time, a set number or all of the blinds together.

The SMART conservatory can be achieved easily. If you are having a new conservatory installed, think about your requirements early on in the planning process, so that there is power nearby.

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant blinds.

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