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Toplight Blinds

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Toplight Blind - Wiser Interiors

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Roof lanterns are incredibly popular as an architectural solution to bringing light into your home. However, they do create someissues which are not immediately apparent. You may experience heat loss or gain during winter and summer months coupled with the inability to see screens with the increased light levels.To resolve these is not simple. You have to work against gravity, extreme temperature ranges and it all needs to be aesthetically pleasing too.

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With the touch of a button, these electric blinds glide across to filter the light. Integrated with your SMART home the blindwill always be in the correct position. The seamless installation onto a shelf and taut fabric makes it look as if the roof lantern is designed around the blind itself and gives a clean finish.

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Why pick Toplight Blinds? There is simply four core reasons why, they are easy to use and discreet when opened. The system provides a perfect balance of light, privacy and of style. They offer an ideal way to manage heat gain or lose. And finally, it is made-to-measure which can be integrated into SMART Homes.

Toplight Blinds

A superb choice the Toplight Blind can be integrated with Amazon Alexa.

The Toplight electric zip blinds are the ideal way to block out light or simply reduce glare, heat loss and overheating. Not only that; they look great and are completely wire-free. Choosing the wireless zipped blinds or window blinds from WiSER means that you are in full control of how you shade your conservatory, orangery or interior.

Skylights and Rooflights offer some challenges with improvements you get from additional natural light as well as the great views of the sky during the day and night too.

With a new roof lantern comes additional light into your living space, this can mean the space is considerably cooler with lower temperatures outside as well as warmer in the summertime.

The Toplight Roof Blind solves these problems for you. Choose a fabric to help manage temperature, maintain warmth in the cooler months with thermal insulation or reduce heat gain during the summer too.

Furthermore, with the Toplight Roof Blind drawn across it also solves any privacy issues from nosy neighbours or where roof lantern or skylight might leave you overlooked. All this can be integrated into your home automation system too for complete autopilot living and control of heat and glare from roof lantern.

Choose made-to-measure electric Toplight blinds for the perfect combination of light, privacy and style.

The automated made-to-measure Toplight zipped blinds are a great way to block out light or to simply filter natural light if you choose a screen fabric option. What’s more, with a huge range of colours and fabrics to choose from you, you need to look no further.

With more than a decade of experience in developing and installing made-to-measure remote control, automated and electric zip blinds for roof lanterns, skylights, electric skylights and conservatories of every description, we know what we’re talking about. What we promise is to bring you is the best looking solution that fits perfectly; every time.

With the touch of a button or a voice command and these electric blinds glide across to filter the light. The seamless installation and taut fabric makeit look as if the roof lantern is designed around the blind itself and gives a clean finish.

Made-to-measure electric orangery roof blinds for the perfect wire-free solution but how big is your lantern?

Toplight Blinds - Roof Lantern Skylight - works with Alexa - Dimensions

Top Tips - Wireless Zip Blind for Glass Roof Lanterns, Skylights & Orangeries

Put the electrical supply in when building, even if you’re not going to use it straight away - it’s easier than putting it in later!

1. When building your roof lantern, ask your electrician to put a switch fuse spur from the mains circuit somewhere inconspicuous and accessible (usually near a plug socket).

2. For installation in new builds. Specify a plasterboard shelf either at the base of the lantern or at ceiling level around the opening.

The blind is usually installed at the top of the recess so that you see less of the cassette – but exact positioning is mainly due to personal preference.

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant blinds.

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