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WiSER Control Options

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Operating your blinds and curtains – from manual to full automation

Manual Operation

We recommend motorising your shades as this makes them “Safe By Design” but all products are also available with manual operation. Regulations that came in 2014 for child safety after deaths from strangulation dictate how manual blinds are operated. Operating mechanisms either have an in-built safety system or a separate safety design. These have to be fitted by law in any building that may have a child entering it – so only commercial premises where children are highly unlikely to ever be present are exempt.

Motorised operation

We recommend motorising all types of blinds, curtain tracks and awnings for safety, convenience, longevity, energy-saving, security and privacy. Most of us currently have more automotive technology in our car than in our home – but no-one thinks automatic windscreen wipers or electric windows are a luxury. Just as these things have become necessities, once you have experienced motorised shades you will never consider going back to manual operation.

Safety – all motorised blinds are Safe By Design. There is no choking hazard for little ones.

Convenience – From pressing a button to move your blinds, to using your voice to control your curtains – motorisation makes it so easy to have greater control. For the next level automatically open your blinds as the time your day starts, and then shut them again as dusk falls.

Energy-saving – Whilst glazing has improved substantially over the years, it is still the area of greatest heat loss. Closing blinds and curtains as the outside temperature drops provides insulation, helping you reduce heating costs. Opening them for solar gain in the day harnesses the best free energy source we have.

Security & Privacy – Automation of your shades stops the casual onlooker, the nosy neighbour or the potential burglar. Combine your blinds moving with lights on and off to give the perception of occupancy.

Longevity – most blinds are marked and damaged by people operating them. Keep dirty fingers away and prevent misuse by motorising.

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We are Somfy Master Partners with decades of experience.

Our solutions work with all home automation systems, including Loxone, Lutron, Creston, RAKO, KNX, Control4 etc...

Power supply for motorised blinds

Battery technology has developed over the last few years. Our 12V motors are strong, quiet and reliable. The batteries are rechargeable Lithium from Somfy – with normal usage they should last 10-12 months. Solar panels are available for a constant trickle feed of charge, so even this worry is removed. But not all blinds can use battery powered motors. Ask us for advice by calling 01372377112.

We still recommend adding mains power supply to your openings if you are building or renovating.

We have instructions for electricians at first fix stage to make sure they use the right size cable, with the right voltage, to the correct position and avoid wall acne (ask us if you don’t know what it is!). Some blinds must have mains power, so don’t assume you can use battery power.

What can be motorised

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Internal Blinds - Roller Blinds, Pleated Blinds, Roman Blinds, Curtain Tracks and Poles
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Outside shading - Patio Awnings, Shop Awnings, Outdoor Living Pod roof
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Roof blinds – Daylight Blinds, Skylight Blinds, Toplight Blinds, Conservatory Blinds, Velux Blinds
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Plantation Shutters – rectangular wood shutters
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