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When planning a home building or renovation project, remember to consider window furnishings. The final look including blinds and curtains can determine the success or otherwise of home decoration. Avoid regrets and compromises – do your research now.

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Planning ahead delivers exceptional results. Put the power supplies in the right place – don’t end up with wall acne. Integrate technology to be future-proof. Conceal blinds and curtain tracks for contemporary, clean lines. Work with experts to get informed and make astute decisions.

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Your grand design will enhance your life. Your comfort is assured. Your safety is enhanced. Your home adjusts automatically to be right just for you - all on autopilot. The blinds and curtains ready for how you live your life.

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Roof Roller Blinds for all types of conservatory.

One of the best ways of preventing heat-loss and insulating from over-heating as well as removing glare on television and computer screens, it’s easy to see why so many people plump for roof roller blinds in their conservatory.

A huge choice of made-to-measure roof roller blinds.

If you have a glass roof, you won’t need us to tell you what a pleasure and sometimes what a pain it can be. A great way of flooding your conservatory with light and letting you enjoy the blue skies and sunshine by day and the stars by night, a glass roof can also be a cause of over-heating, heat-loss, and glare for many people.

The best way to solve all of these problems in one fell swoop, at the same time as enjoying the possibility of being exposed to the elements when you want to, is by installing quality roof roller blinds. Roof roller blinds really do let you enjoy the best of both worlds. One of the most popular ways of providing the insulation you need as well as removing annoying glare on television and computer screens, it’s easy to see why so many people plump for this solution.

If you already have window blinds in your conservatory, no matter whether they are roller, roman, pinoleum or pleated, roof roller blinds can easily be added to let you enjoy maximum conservatory comfort; all year round. Available in a great range of fabrics, together with a broad choice of fixings and pulley systems, we truly have a roof roller blind solution to suit everyone.

When you choose a roof roller blind, you get an uncluttered look that doesn’t detract from the great look of your conservatory. A highly modern solution, roller roof window blinds won’t only help you reduce your heating bill in winter, they’ll also relieve you from over-heating and glare in summer; so you really will get great value from them all year round.

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant blinds.

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