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When planning a home building or renovation project, remember to consider window furnishings. The final look including blinds and curtains can determine the success or otherwise of home decoration. Avoid regrets and compromises – do your research now.

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Planning ahead delivers exceptional results. Put the power supplies in the right place – don’t end up with wall acne. Integrate technology to be future-proof. Conceal blinds and curtain tracks for contemporary, clean lines. Work with experts to get informed and make astute decisions.

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Your grand design will enhance your life. Your comfort is assured. Your safety is enhanced. Your home adjusts automatically to be right just for you - all on autopilot. The blinds and curtains ready for how you live your life.

WiSER Over Glass Awnings

WiSER have put together extensive range of made-to-measure automated, motorised and remote control awnings for windows, orangeries and glazed roofs, so there truly is something to suit everyone.

WiSER Patio Awning

WiSER have a huge range of top quality, stylish and practical awnings to suit terraces, balconies, patios, decks, and conservatories. The portfolio offers an exciting range of colours, fabrics with additional elements too, including he

WiSER Alfresco Awning

Verandas are the perfect stylish option for outdoor shading in most weather conditions. WiSER verandas provide just the necessary shade so you can do just that, and in fact up to 30m2 for the whole family including friends.

WiSER Window Shades

WiSER have put together a curated collection of contemporary external shades that are stylish and practical ideal for the south facing aspect and perfect to manage light and heat.

WiSER All Round Awning

We are family people and we love gathering on the patio. Everyone wants to be well protected there. Which is where the large solid WiSER Life awning comes in perfectly. The WiSER Life awning has an impressively large area of shade.

WiSER Designer Awning

WiSER Opal awning meets all the demands of a premium cassette-awning. Built to shade large areas, its timelessly classic shape blends in perfectly with any style of architecture.


Impressive detail from contact with WiSER and visit. Installation was great as they had to accommodate drain pipes etc. Very happy with our over glass awning - easy to lower when needed and visually stunning!

Paul NW10

Thank you very much. Your company has been nothing but fantastic. Extremely professional and reliable. Glad to be part of the family. Happy to recommend. 


Catarina - W10