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WiSER Over Glass Awnings

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Having had the product explained, it was clear how it would work that it would solve the problems we were experiencing with our roof lantern. We were really impressed by the installation team.

Kelly - RM11

Impressive detail from contact with WiSER and visit. Installation was great as they had to accommodate drain pipes etc. Very happy with our over glass awning - easy to lower when needed and visually stunning!

Paul NW10

Thank you very much. Your company has been nothing but fantastic. Extremely professional and reliable. Glad to be part of the family. Happy to recommend. 


Catarina - W10

The perfect solution for that much desired inside-outside living with voice control.

WiSER brings you a stunning assortment of options to help you reduce heat and glare in your conservatory.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to manage heat and glare for your conservatory, orangery, garden room, glass roof or roof lantern you’re in the right place. WiSER have put together extensive range of made-to-measure automated, motorised and remote control shadings for windows, orangeries and glazed roofs, so there truly is something to suit everyone.

A huge range of top quality, stylish and practical awnings to suit terraces, balconies, patios, decks and conservatories.

Indoor-outdoor living is becoming a part of more and more people’s lives. With the right conservatory, you truly can live life to the full, enjoying the luxury of feeling like you’re outdoors whilst still protecting yourself from the elements. One of the main considerations, if you want to get most from your conservatory, is choosing the right shade from the sun.

If you watch television or work at a computer screen in your conservatory, orangery or garden room, or in the reach of your skylight or roof lantern, you won’t need us to remind you how annoying glare from the sun can be. An easy to open and close, neat and great looking automated, motorised or remote control pleated blind will enable you to catch up on your favourite TV programme or work online in complete comfort.

WiSER Over Glass Awnings - Roof Lantern Skylight Windows

At WiSER, we have put together a stunning assortment of awnings that will provide protection from the weather, no matter whether you’re looking for shade from the sun or shelter over a terrace, balcony, deck or even conservatory. Our made-to-measure, automatic electric awning blinds come in a great choice of fabrics and styles to suit the look you want to achieve.

Installed with a remote control or wireless switches, WiSER awnings are quick and easy to use, and they benefit from sun and wind sensors, so you can enjoy peace of mind when the wind picks up and be protected when the sun comes out again. Electric awnings really are the perfect way to shade you and your family and friends all year round.

WiSER Over Glass Awnings Brackets - Roof Lantern Roof Glassing - works with Alexa

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant blinds.

What To Do Next

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  • Ideal for:
    1. Roof Lanterns.
    2. Conservatory Roof.
    3. Orangery.
    4. Skylights.
    5. Glass Roof.
    6. Garden Rooms.
  • Product Details:
    1. Exterior solar shading so the heat does not get into the conservatory in the first place.
    2. Motor with an electronic cut-off mechanism to prevent overheating and damage if the awning is obstructed. (Not in the case of a radio-controlled motor).
    3. Brackets with a patented clip-on mechanism for simple, problem-free installation.
    4. Tracfix system – attractive, completely closed appearance with no annoying gap between the blind cover and the tracks. When completely extended the front profile finishes flush with the end of the guide tracks.
    5. For long-lasting attractiveness the awning has been powder coated - all metal components are in White RAL 9910.
    6. When fully extended the rounded front profile sits flush with the end of the guide tracks, giving the system a completely closed appearance.
    7. Fabrics in a range of colours.