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Motorised Shading

Wiser Interior blinds and curtains can be motorised and automated

When you buy a new car these days, you expect to have SatNav, cruise control, automatic lights and windscreen wipers, reversing sensors, Bluetooth connection and more. When was the last time you pulled out a choke? Put a key in the lock of a car door? Wound down a car window?

Don’t be ridiculous!

Smart homes are not tomorrow’s world. For a very small investment, blinds and curtains can be motorised and automated. For convenience, energy saving and privacy.

We see motorised shading at three levels:

Level One – human presses a button (handset or wall switch)

Level Two – blinds are automated to go up and down and curtains to open and close, at certain times of the day

Level Three – blinds and curtain tracks are integrated into the home with sensors to react to temperature or sunlight or the presence of people. They can also be combined with lights and heating to control the environment.

If you are refurbishing or building, then we always recommend planning for mains power supply. Email us for a guide to give your electrician. But do not worry if you have a space with no power supply in place. The latest generation solid-state Lithium rechargeable batteries last 10-12 months on normal use. We can also add discreet solar panels for a constant trickle feed.

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