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When planning a home building or renovation project, remember to consider window furnishings. The final look including blinds and curtains can determine the success or otherwise of home decoration. Avoid regrets and compromises – do your research now.

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Planning ahead delivers exceptional results. Put the power supplies in the right place – don’t end up with wall acne. Integrate technology to be future-proof. Conceal blinds and curtain tracks for contemporary, clean lines. Work with experts to get informed and make astute decisions.

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Your grand design will enhance your life. Your comfort is assured. Your safety is enhanced. Your home adjusts automatically to be right just for you - all on autopilot. The blinds and curtains ready for how you live your life.

WiSER Electric Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer warmth and practicality and can work alone or along with side roller or Venetian blinds.

WiSER Motorised Roller Blinds

WiSER Venetian Blind

WiSER Venetian blinds are the ideal way to block out light or simply reduce glare, heat loss and overheating. Not only that; they look great.

WiSER Motorised Pleated Blind

Motorised pleated blinds are perfect for controlling light let through awkawardly shaped windows and doors.


I would like to say what a pleasure it was working with WiSER on this project, informative, very aware of the product, professional and reliable!

Tony - GU22

I have purchased remote control blinds from WiSR before. The design consultant talked me through the options, showed me samples, arranged for the fitter to come.

Oriska - SO51

I complimented a friend on her new electrically operated blinds and she gave me WiSER's details. Making an appointment was easy and your design consultant was knowledgeable and made me feel confident that the design would work. The WiSER designer came to plan out the blinds and give me an estimate, then a technician came to take detailed measurements and then later, returned to fit them. The blinds look good, work well and have solved the problem.

Del - KT2