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Wire-Free Skylight Blinds

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Wire-Free Skylight Blinds

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Wire-Free Skylight Blinds - Wiser Interiors

Wire-Free Skylight Blinds

NEW WIRE-FREE motorised Skylight blind with remote control, perfect to help manage excess light and temperature.

If you’re looking for the perfect pleated blind solution for your conservatory, orangery, garden room, glass roof or roof lantern you’re in the right place. Here at WiSER, we’ve put together an impressive and extensive range of made-to-measure automated, motorised remote control pleated blinds for skylight windows, orangeries, and glazed roofs, so there truly is something to suit everyone. Automated Skylight blinds eliminate repetitive and boring tasks with remote control or timers. Further benefits are to improve the life of your blind by ensuring it is opened and closed correctly and particularly gives physical assistance for the elderly or disabled.

Automation of a single product like electric blinds is the first step to an intelligent home and really creates the 'WOW'

Stunning Skylight pleated roof blinds for garden rooms, skylights, and roof lanterns.

A great way to achieve a tidy finish, pleated blinds are particularly neat when retracted, hiding away to almost invisible when you’re not using them. Not only will pleated roof or conservatory blinds help you save on your heating bills in winter by retaining the heat in your room, but they’ll also help you avoid overheating in the summertime. Add to this the fact that they are the perfect way to reduce glare and noise, and you start to see what an attractive solution this really is.

If you watch television or work at a computer screen in your conservatory, orangery or garden room, or in the reach of your skylight or roof lantern, you won’t need us to remind you how annoying glare from the sun can be. Pleated blinds combine stylish design with practical glare reflection for temperature control. The contemporary appearance gives an uncluttered finish, soften the light, insulate and provide privacy. An easy to open and close, neat and great looking automated, motorised or remote control pleated blind will enable you to catch up on your favourite TV programme or work online in complete comfort.

Visit our showrooms to view the range, or contact us to book a free home design visit to see how you can transform your windows with these elegant blinds.

What To Do Next

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Ideal for:

  1. Relaxing away from damaging effects of the sun.
  2. Temperature and glare control.
  3. Translucent for maximum natural light.
  4. Small Roof Lanterns.
  5. Orangery Roof.
  6. Skylights.

Product Details:

  1. 20mm pleat in duette (twin layer).
  2. Wire-Free blind spanning the opening without visible cords.
  3. Fabrics - crush, plain, patterns; from semi-opaque to blackout.
  4. Intelligent fabrics - Solar Protective Coating (SPC) and Solar Pearlised Finish (SPF); ESP for blackout.
  5. Operation - Electric (battery or hard-wired).
  6. Retracts to a minimum so almost disappeared.

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