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Conservatory and Roof Blinds

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Once a luxury item, a conservatory is now a feature of many homes but that doesn't mean it has become any less special.

Blinds may be an afterthought but as any conservatory owners know, they are essential, helping to regulate the temperature for a comfortable year-round environment. They are also a great way to provide privacy and add character to your room. Each and every blind is expertly measured; fitted and made specifically for your home.

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  • WiSER Pleated Blinds Pleated blinds are the ideal solution to controlling the amount of light admitted by awkwardly shaped windows and doors. Pleated blinds are a stylish alternative to the nets and voiles of yesteryear’s fashion. Click the image below to see more.

  • WiSER Roof Lantern Blinds Roof lanterns are incredibly popular as an architectural solution to bringing light into your home. The Roof Lantern Blind is the ONLY solution which is retractable leaving no visible permanent cables across the opening. Click the image below to see more.

  • WiSER Pinoleum Blind Pinoleum blinds are the original Victorian tradition for dressing sunrooms - some of the wood weaves have been made in the same way for over one hundred years. The systems have since been developed to combine historic materials with modern technology.
    Made from woven wood with an acrylic braid, these pinoleum conservatory blinds are made-to-measure and come with the option to add a layer of heat insulation. Taking up this option means you can significantly reduce heat loss in the wintertime and keep your conservatory at ambient temperature during the summer.
    When you choose your made-to-measure roll-up or roman style pinoleum blinds, you can be sure you’ll get the perfect combination of great quality and exceptional service, all at a price that we just know you’ll love too. Click the image below to see more.

  • WiSER Conservatory Shutters Conservatory Roof Shutters are specifically designed for challenging window treatments at any angle, including skylights and rooms filled with windows. Click the image below to see more.