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Plantation and Security Shutters

About using plantation and security shutters

Motorised Plantation Shutters?

What kind of shutters do I need?

The shutters that you need depend on the problem that you're trying to solve. Most people have shutters to give them some privacy from the outside world. So from people walking past, driving past, coming up the path to your front door. There are various types of shutters. So there's MDF, which we call our classic range, and then there's real wood shutters. We also do a specialist shutter called Rhino shutters. These are actually security shutters because they're made out of aluminum and steel. So they look exactly like the wood plantation shutter, but they've got a lock, and they're not gonna get past them if you get broken into.

There are various styles of shutters. You can have full height where the shutter goes all the way to the top of the window, or you can have cafe style, which breaks somewhere half way, three quarters of the way. And that gives you privacy. But you probably need only to dress your window with some curtains as well.

The shutters are made from either MDF or wood. The bigger the window you go, you probably need to go to proper wood because it's a little more lightweight. The MDF ones are also very limited in style and color, particularly color. So there will only be five whites or variations of white. So a very bright white to a creamy white. Whereas the wood, there's lots of stains and there's lots of painted solutions.

Part of the choice that you need to make when choosing your shutters is what louvre size to have. 63, 76 or 89 millimeters. The larger you go, the more light you will let in because the bigger the gap between the louvres. But you need to keep it in proportion with your window. So the smaller the window, so the smaller the louvre. If you're going for doors, really go for the 89 mil and they can look really contemporary and classy.

You then have the option of where you want the tilt rod. So it can be down the center, offset or no tilt rod at all. The hidden tilt rods are actually built into the frame so you just move one louvre and all of the louvres move together. Typically we do the hidden tilt rods because most people want to minimize the number of light you're letting inside your window. You want a really clean contemporary finish to your shutters.

Plantation Shutters - Let's talk shutters.

Plantation shutters are ideal for a contemporary look in your home and have great curb appeal. From the outside of your home, they can look really neat. Inside, they have clean lines, giving you that minimalistic finish.

Plantation shutters are ideal in bay windows. They can be used for shapes or just a standard rectangular window. What you need to think about is why do you want them? How are you going to use them? For that, I've got some to demonstrate. So, if you'll just follow me ...

Shutters are ideal for tilting, for privacy. When they're closed, obviously, you see you can't see through them. Tilt them slightly, you can get light into the room but somebody from the outside can't see in. What you don't want them for is if you're expecting to open them every day. If you're planning on doing this every day, I would suggest they're wrong product. Really, you're looking to get something like a roller blind that it just goes up and out of the way, usually at a touch of a button if you're going for motorized.

What shutters are ideal for is making sure that the light is coming in, and you've got some variable privacy. You can have it closed at the bottom, open at the top. Nobody's going to see below that line.

Bay windows are ideal because they are shaped. All shutters are custom-made and made by craftsmen. They're bespoke to your window. They're ideal for shapes. Because they're made out of wood, you can make triangles, you can make circles, you can make semi-circles. You name it.

What they're not good for are very dark, very tiny windows. At that point, they just take too much light out of the room. Unless that's what you're looking for, obviously, you can go for a really cozy feel. What we always aim to do is minimize the amount of wood that you're getting in your window. What you want it to be able to do is have as much light when you want it to come in and then just shut them up really easily when you don't.

That's all we've got time for for today. If you've got any more questions, please leave them below, otherwise, I'll see you next time.

What are rhino shutters?

Welcome to 90 Seconds with the Boss. I'm Ellen, and I'm here to help you live wiser. Today's question is ... Rhino Shutters are a security plantation shutter. We introduced them to the UK five years ago. They look exactly like a normal plantation shutter made out of wood, but actually, they're made out of aluminum, and stainless steel with locks, so, they are very secure when fitted correctly.

Rhino Shutters are priced, depending on the configuration, and the size of the window and door. They are more expensive than your entry level shutters, but they are much cheaper than getting broken into, and having to replace all your property.

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